Terracycle Car Seat Trade-In: New Program for 2023

TerraCycle, a global recycling company, has announced a new car seat trade-in program that will launch in 2023. This program is designed to provide an eco-friendly solution to parents who want to recycle their old car seats instead of sending them to landfills. The Terracycle Car Seat Trade-In program will accept used car seats from any brand and in any condition.

Understanding the TerraCycle Car Seat Trade-in Program

What is the TerraCycle Car Seat Trade-in program?

The TerraCycle Car Seat Trade-in program is a recycling initiative launched by TerraCycle in partnership with Terracycle and several other major retailers in the United States. The program allows consumers to bring in their old or expired car seats to designated drop-off locations and receive a $30 gift card that can be used to purchase baby gear from Terracycle online or in stores.

Where Can I Take the Car Seat?

The TerraCycle Car Seat Trade-in program is available at participating Terracycle stores in the United States. Customers can visit the designated drop-off location in-store and hand over their old or expired car seat. The TerraCycle team will then ensure that the car seat is recycled in an environmentally responsible way.

Terracycle Event Duration

TerraCycle organizes the Car Seat Trade-in program twice a year. The event usually lasts for several weeks, and customers can bring in their old or expired car seats during this time to avail of the gift card offer.

What Type of Seats Does TerraCycle Accept?

TerraCycle accepts most infant, convertible, and booster car seat brands as part of their Car Seat Trade-in program. However, customers should ensure that the car seats are not damaged, and all parts are intact. Additionally, the program does not accept car seat bases, strollers or other baby gear. Customers can check the TerraCycle website for a comprehensive list of accepted car seat brands.

Benefits of the Terracycle Car Seat Trade In Program

Environmental benefits

  • Keeps car seats out of landfills, reducing landfill waste.
  • Recycles plastic and metal components of car seats, reducing the need for virgin materials to make new products.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of car seat production and disposal, as recycled materials require less energy to produce than virgin materials.

Economic Benefits

  • Gives customers a discount on new car seats, encouraging them to trade in old seats and purchase new ones.
  • Provides an affordable way for families to replace old, expired, or damaged car seats with safe and up-to-date models.
  • Generates revenue for businesses participating in the program, such as Terracycle and retailers, which can help support local economies.

Benefit Of Families in Need?

  • Provides a way for families with limited resources to obtain new car seats, which can be expensive to purchase outright.
  • Helps ensure that children are riding in safe and properly installed car seats, reducing the risk of injury or death in the event of a car accident.
  • Supports a culture of safety and responsibility around child transportation, which can benefit entire communities.

Steps to participate in the trade-in program

  1. Check the website of the retailer to see if they are offering a trade-in event or program.
  2. Bring your old car seat to the participating store during the trade-in event or program period.
  3. Make sure that the car seat meets the specified eligibility criteria, such as not being expired or damaged.
  4. Receive a discount coupon that you can use to purchase a new car seat or other baby products from the participating retailer.

How To Get Coupons For Trade-In Programs

  1. Check the website or social media accounts of your favorite baby product retailers for upcoming trade-in events or programs.
  2. Sign up for their email newsletters to be notified about any upcoming trade-in events.
  3. Use online coupon websites or apps to find coupons for the participating stores.
  4. Contact customer service of the participating stores to inquire about any available coupons or promotions.

Tips for a Successful Car Seat Trade-In

Here are some tips for a successful car seat trade-in:

  1. Make sure that your car seat meets the eligibility criteria, such as not being expired or damaged.
  2. Bring a valid photo ID and proof of address to the store.
  3. Use the discount coupon immediately to purchase a new car seat or other baby products before it expires.
  4. Follow the instructions of the Terracycle staff during the trade-in event.

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What types of car seats are accepted in the TerraCycle Car Seat Trade-in Program?

The TerraCycle Car Seat Trade-in Program accepts all types of car seats including infant seats, convertible seats, combination seats, booster seats, and car seat bases.

What happens to my old car seat after I trade it in?

After the car seat is traded in, Terracycle disassembles and recycles the plastic, metal, and fabric parts. The hazardous materials such as the foam and straps are properly disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.

Can I participate in the TerraCycle Car Seat Trade-in Program if I don’t have a car seat to trade in?

Yes, the TerraCycle Car Seat Trade-in Program is open to anyone who wishes to buy a new car seat. The program is not limited to people who have an old car seat to trade in.

Does the TerraCycle Car Seat Trade-in Program accept expired car seats?

No, the TerraCycle Car Seat Trade-in Program does not accept expired car seats. This is for safety reasons because expired car seats may not be as effective during a crash.

How much of a discount can I get on a new car seat through the TerraCycle Car Seat Trade-in Program?

The discount amount varies depending on the brand and model of the car seat being purchased. Terracycle provides a discount code that can be used to get a discount on the purchase of a new car seat from participating retailers. The discount amount is typically around 20% off the retail price of the car seat.

Terracycle Car Seat Trade-In


The Terracycle Car Seat Trade-In program is a great way to get rid of your old car seat while helping the environment. This program not only encourages recycling but also provides an opportunity to save money on a new car seat. With the launch of this new program, parents can look forward to a more sustainable future for their children.