When and How to Participate Target Car Seat Trade-In Event 2023?

2023 Target Car Seat Trade-In is scheduled to kick off on April 16th to 29th. The trade-in event typically offers 20% off coupons on new car seats, strollers, or select baby gear purchased from Target. During the two-week program, Target stores accept and recycle all types of car seats. Do not miss the full guide here!

Target Car Seat Trade-In Program

Target Car Seat Trade-In

The program’s purpose

Target Car Seat Trade-In Program is a recycling initiative designed to encourage the recycling and disposal of old and unusable car seats. The program’s main goal is to help reduce the number of car seats ending up in landfills, which are highly non-biodegradable, and thus reducing the environmental impact associated with unrecyclable car seats. 

The program’s bonus

A coupon for 20% off a new carseat, stroller, or select baby gear (playards, high chairs, swings, rockers, or bouncers) for each seat turned in, which can be redeemed TWICE. The coupon is valid until May 13, 2023, and the code can be used in-app if the brick and mortar store doesn’t have your preferred item.

Target now has you using their Target Circle app, so everything is contactless. Download the app before you leave home to save time, if you don’t already have it (and your Target REDcard loaded into it for easy spending!).

The eligibility requirements

To be eligible, customers must have an old car seat that is expired, damaged, or no longer meets safety standards. The program strongly emphasizes that customers must deliver only one car seat per coupon and that the coupons are limited to one coupon per guest. Besides, customers are encouraged to take part in the program in-store only to ensure the security of their personal data.

The traded-in car seats

  • Rear-facing only infant seats
  • Infant seat bases
  • Convertible seats
  • All-in-ones
  • Harness-to-boosters (combination) seats
  • Belt-positioning boosters (highback and backless)

The brief history

The Car Seat Trade-In Program has a rich history spanning years. The program, launched in 2016 in collaboration with TerraCycle, collected about a million car seats for recycling, resulting in over eleven million pounds of recyclable waste. The company expanded the program in future years, emphasizing a continued commitment to achieving a net zero waste future.

Target Car Seat Trade-In 2023

The Dates

In the year 2023, Target’s Car Seat Trade-In Program is expected to take place from April 17th through April 30th. During these dates, customers can bring in their used car seats to Target stores across the country and exchange them for the 20% discount coupon, which can be used to purchase new baby gear, including other items besides car seats.

The Steps to Participate

To participate in the Target Car Seat Trade-In, customers need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. First, they need to bring in their old car seats to any participating Target store during the program period.
  2. The customer can then drop off the car seat to the guest services team member at the store, who will provide the customer with a 20% discount coupon that is redeemable till June 20th, 2023.
  3. The customer can then use the coupon to purchase baby gear items in any Target store or online, making savings while protecting the environment.

The Essential Tips

It is essential to note that Target has introduced some essential tips to make the Car Seat Trade-In Program more enjoyable and efficient.

  • First, customers need to consider the early bird advantage by being among the first to participate in the program, since the 20% discount coupons are limited.
  • Secondly, customers ought to read through the fine print detail of the program to ensure that they do not miss important details.
  • Finally, Target recommends that customers trade in old car seats to participate in the program rather than disposing of them simply to ensure environmental sustainability.


Target's Car Seat Trade-In

Is this the first time Target has had a car seat trade-in program?

Target introduced its first car seat trade-in program in April 2016. Since then, 2.19 million car seats–or 32.9 million pounds of car seat material—have been recycled.

Where do I bring my old car seat to trade-in?

Car seats can only be traded in at a Target store. Target will have drop-off boxes for guests’ unwanted car seats located near Guest Services.

How do I receive a coupon for trading in an old car seat?

Signs will be placed near the drop-off boxes for guests to scan from their mobile device into their Circle. Upon scanning, the guest will receive one coupon per Target Circle account – this coupon is redeemable twice.

Are all stores participating in the Target car seat trade-in program?

All stores, except for select small format stores, are participating. Contact your local store for more info.

What is the coupon offer, and how do I redeem it?

You will receive one 20% off coupon toward a new car seat, booster seat, car seat base, travel system, stroller or select baby gear. Coupons can be applied to both in-store and online purchases and are eligible through May 13, 2023. This coupon can be combined with other item offers. This coupon is redeemable twice.

How many car seats can I turn in at the Target car seat trade-in 2023?

You can bring as many car seats as you want for recycling! Each Target Circle account can load the coupon one time. You can then redeem the Target car seat trade in 20% off coupon twice for a new baby gear item.

Can you use Target car seat trade-in coupon online?

Absolutely. In fact, Target encourages customers to use their coupons online so that the stores won’t be too crowded and to help manage inventory. Their car seat selection is also much better online – scroll up to see my top car seats at Target. The best way to use your car seat trade-in event 2023 coupon is online.

What does Target do with the car seats that are traded in?

Materials from the old car seats will be recycled by Target’s partners to create new products such as pallets, plastic buckets and construction materials such as steel beams and carpet padding.

What do you do with an expired 2023 car seat?

If you have an expired 2023 car seat that is no longer safe to use, read this article about how to dispose the old car seats.

Does Walmart do car seat trade-ins?

Walmart also offers a car seat trade-in program, where you can earn a $30 Walmart gift card by recycling your used car seat. For more details, go to this post.

Is there an Amazon car seat trade-in 2023?

Unfortunately, there’s no Amazon car seat trade-in 2023. I doubt there ever will be, to be completely honest.


Protecting your child is always a top priority, and having a safe car seat is essential. Instead of throwing away your old car seat, why not take advantage of the Target Car Seat Trade-In program? Not only will you get a discount, but you’ll also be helping the environment by recycling. Check out the program’s dates and locations on Target’s website and head to the store to find a new car seat that suits your child’s needs, today.