Suede Car Seat Cleaner: How to Clean Suede Car Seats?

Suede car seats are both a luxury and a nightmare to keep clean. While the smoothness and softness of your suede seats offer a comfortable and beautiful appeal, the porous nature of suede makes it susceptible to stains, grime, and dirt.

Cleaning suede car seats requires a combination of techniques and tools to keep your seats looking their best without diminishing their quality. In this article, you’ll learn about Suede car seat cleaner.

Supplies You Need

  • Suede brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Suede cleaner for car seats
  • Soft-bristled brushes
  • Vacuum cleaner with crevice tool
  • Paper towels or cloths or sponge
  • Plastic spoon, plastic scraper, or credit card
  • Lemon
  • Water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Spray bottle

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Brush Out Surface Dirt With a Suede Brush

If you want to perform some maintenance on your suede vehicle seats because you’ve noticed that they’ve started to look dirty, the first thing you should do is brush them with a suede brush. However, you would need to clean it right away if you spilled something that could stain, so move on to step three.

Use a suede brush to scrub thoroughly, starting at the top and working your way down, then brushing from the right to the left. Then, using a microfiber cloth, remove the removed dirt.

Step 2: Clean the Dirty Surfaces

Working on a tiny area at a time is how you would clean soiled spots on suede automobile seats.

  1. Spray the cleaner on the soft-bristled brush initially and then lightly wet the tiny area you’ll be working on with the cleaner.
  2. Avoid over-soaking the suede because it takes longer to dry than regular cloth.
  3. When you observe a homogeneous layer of suds on the surface, gently brush the area you just sprayed with the suede seat cleanser.
  4. After brushing, you must act swiftly and clean the area right away to prevent drying.
  5. Additionally, avoid being too rough when wiping to preserve the feel and finish of the suede.
  6. To remove any remaining moisture, use vacuum cleaner with crevice tool connected.
  7. Pull the fibers of the suede upwards with clean, soft-bristle brush to give it crisp, clean appearance.

Step 3: Clean the Stains

Your suede car seats must be treated right once whenever they get stains. Longer-lasting stains will be more difficult to remove from the surface of the suede seats.

Different stains require different methods of removal. However, the first step in removing stains of any kind is always to get rid of the stain-causing agents. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to gently blot the stains.

To stop the stain from spreading, you should work in small spaces and move from the edges of the substances toward the center. Additionally, be gentle to avoid tearing the suede and spreading the stain deeper into the seats.

Step 4: Treating the Stains

Treat the stain after getting rid of the substance on the surface. Just see below for the instructions for any stains you may have on your car seats.

  • Pencil, Non-Permanent Ink, and Ground-in Dirt

Apply lukewarm water to the stains and scrub them with a towel or sponge. You would use a moist towel or sponge to wipe the afflicted regions clean. You should frequently wring the cloth or sponge during the operation.

  • Alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, coke, black coffee, and tea

Use a towel or sponge and lukewarm water to clean the spots. Use the towel or sponge to apply lemon juice to the impacted region if a color mark is still visible. Then, give the area a good rinsing.

  • Ice cream, coffee with cream and sugar, and hair gel

Apply lemon juice to the stains and then use a towel that has been dampened in lukewarm water to wipe the affected areas. With a moist towel, rinse the afflicted areas. Remember to squeeze the cloth or sponge as tightly as you can.

  • Fruit Juice, Syrup, Mayonnaise, Syrup, and Jelly

Use warm (not hot) water. Utilizing a towel or sponge and warm water, rinse the affected areas.

  • Stains Made of Blood, Urine, Excrement, or Protein

Always remember to wring out the towel or sponge. Warm water will cause the stains to congeal, so treat them with cool water. Rinse them off by applying a cloth or sponge that has been dampened with cold water. As much as you can, squeeze the sponge or cloth.

  • Hardened, dried stains

Spray distilled water and alcohol in an equal parts solution onto a microfiber cloth. Use the cloth to gently blot the hardened stain; then, using a different towel dampened with water, wipe it away. Finally, use a dry towel to wipe away the damp and leftover material.

If the stain is still there or if further improvement is conceivable, it could be essential to repeat the procedure. Lastly, let the area dry naturally. It might help to leave the windows or doors open.


What cleans suede best?

Suede may be cleaned most effectively with white vinegar and rubbing. Either of these will make it simple for you to remove the stains from your suede seats and won’t leave any behind. Apply them on a white, clean cloth, and then use that cloth to gently rub the stain. Before using the space again, it must thoroughly dry off.

How do you care for suede seats?

It is undeniable that after extended sitting, the suede will quickly become matted and worn. To properly handle the materials, you must be familiar with them. Microsuede vehicle seats are just like natural suede in that they are vulnerable to moisture yet being more durable. Therefore, protection against moisture and water is essential.

Using a high-quality suede brush on a regular basis can help you maintain these chairs. If you don’t have access to commercial cleaning products, rubbing alcohol is another suggested cleaner for suede car seats.

Does soap and water ruin suede?

You need to know that: Water deteriorates suede. Cleaning with water will remove its natural oils, altering its color and weakening it. However, cleaning stains from suede with soap is still not advised. Instead, use the above-mentioned suede chair cleaners, vinegar, or rubbing alcohol to clean it.

Can you steam clean suede car seats?

The short answer is yes. In addition to removing dirt and stains, steam cleaning the suede seats in your automobile sanitizes the interior by getting rid of bacteria. Due to the fact that suede is a water-sensitive fabric, dry steam cleaning will be used to clean it.

Suede Car Seat Cleaner


Cleaning suede car seats doesn’t have to be a complex task. With the right tools, techniques, and products, you can protect and prolong the lifespan of your car seats with ease. Whether you’re looking to remove stains, dirt, or grime from your suede car seats, the tips provided in this article will help you maintain your vehicle’s elegance and comfort.