How To Get Dog Hair Off Car Seats: 17 Easy Ways

It’s no secret that dogs love to ride in the car. But with all that fur comes a lot of shedding, leaving car seats covered in hair. So how to get dog hair off car seats? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks to make your car interior fur-free.

Preventing Dog Hair

Let’s start by discussing how to prevent excessive pet hair buildup in your car before we delve into how to remove it. Although you can’t entirely eliminate dog hair, brushing your dog’s fur before every car ride will get rid of any loose or excess hair and minimize post-trip cleanup.

Additionally, local laws may require you to restrain your dog in the car, which not only keeps them safe but also limits the spread of pet fur. Speak to your vet about ways to reduce your dog’s shedding, such as using fatty acid supplements.

Doggy Diet

Speak to your dog’s veterinarian to see if they have any suggestions about how to keep your dog’s shedding to a minimum. Fatty acid supplements can help your pup shed less hair. Consult with the vet to see what suggestions they have.

Pet Hair Removal Tool

Invest in a portable pet hair remover tool like the Uproot Cleaner Pro™, which is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces such as carpets, furniture, clothing, and bedding. A small tool can fit conveniently in your car and home, allowing you to micro-clean wherever you go.

Rubber Gloves

You can also use rubber gloves to remove large amounts of pet hair. Nubby rubber gloves are more efficient than latex gloves and can remove hair from your car’s upholstery by sweeping in one direction. You can also wet the gloves or lightly spray water in the car to clump the pet hair, making it easier to collect.

Seat Covers

Seat covers are another effective way of minimizing pet hair in your car while protecting the seats from stains, scratches, and debris. Choose covers that match your pet-loving personality and are waterproof, non-slip, and scratchproof for optimal results.


To provide a comfortable ride for your pooch, instead of using a seat cover in your hatchback or SUV, lay down old towels that you no longer use. These can be easily washed and dried, either to remove pesky pet hair or clean any accidents your pooch may have.

Yoga Mat

For the rear seats and trunk of your car, you can swap a yoga mat for seat covers. A sticky yoga mat will adhere to your car’s interior to keep your pup from slipping around during the ride. However, be mindful that the pet hair will most likely stick to the mat too and might require a pet hair remover to get rid of the surplus fur.

Adhesive Lint Removers

Adhesive lint removers are a quick and easy solution to remove excess pet hair from your clothes and car. However, with the Uproot Cleaner ProTM, you can ditch the adhesive and use this product for your pet hair removal needs for both your closet and car.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is another adhesive removal method that helps to remove pet hair from your car’s surfaces, but it’s not your only option. Packing tape is a lighter alternative that less likely to leave behind adhesive residue on your car.


When cleaning your car’s windows, you can also use a squeegee to pick up any pet hair on the floors and seats. The rubber blade of the squeegee will corral the hair into a large pile for easy removal.


Are you looking for creative ways to remove pet hair from your car? Don’t throw away those unused balloons from birthdays just yet. Inflate a balloon and rub it on the interior of your car. The static electricity created will lift the loose pet hair, which you can then wipe off and repeat the process. Keep in mind that this method is best for removing loose pet hair and not deeply embedded strands. For stubborn dog fur, use a pet hair remover tool.

Wire Brush

Another tool you can use to remove pet hair from your car is a wire brush. While it may not be the most effective tool for getting rid of all the pet hair, it’s a great way to remove any last traces of dog fur from your car’s upholstery. If you prefer, a rubber-bristle brush is a gentle and effective alternative to the wire brush.

Velcro Hair Curlers

Have you ever thought about using Velcro hair curlers to remove pet hair from your car? These hair curlers can easily pick up any stray pet hairs from sturdy materials like carpeting or flooring. However, for car upholstery, it’s best to use a pet hair remover tool specifically designed for that purpose.

Dryer Sheets

If you have extra dryer sheets, use them to remove dog hair from all surfaces of your vehicle. The fresh, unused sheets will pick up both dust and pet hair without needing water or any other liquid solution.

Diluted Liquid Fabric Softener

For a fragrant and effective pet hair removing solution, try diluted liquid fabric softener. Mix water with two to three teaspoons of fabric softener in a spray bottle and apply it to your car’s upholstery. The fabric softener will loosen the hair, which you can then wipe off with a paper towel and vacuum the rest. However, it’s important to do a small patch test first to avoid any damage or stains to your car’s upholstery.

Pumice Stone

Using a pumice stone is a common practice for pedicures and removing calluses. But it’s not just limited to self-care, as it can also be used to get rid of pet hair in your car’s interior. However, it’s essential to be careful when using the pumice stone directly on seat fabric to avoid damaging the upholstery.

To effectively remove pet hair, you can use a diluted fabric softener solution in a spray bottle together with the pumice stone. This works by breaking the static bond in the car’s flooring and loosening any dog fur while also softening the pumice stone’s abrasiveness.


While a vacuum can do a great job in getting rid of pet hair in your car, using a vacuum nozzle with rubber bristles can help collect any stubborn dog hair that’s stuck. To make the task easier, you can use a portable and handheld vacuum cleaner that can reach all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. It’s not just the upholstery that you can clean with a handheld vacuum, but also the car’s floor and floor mats. On the downside, you’ll need to regularly charge the vacuum.

How To Get Dog Hair Off Car Seats

3 Tips For Preventing Dog Hair In The Car

1. Brush your dog before you go in the car

To prevent dog hair from getting stuck in your car, it is best to take preventative measures. Although it might be impossible to entirely stop dog hair from entering the upholstery, these tips will aid in decreasing the amount.

Prior to driving with your dog, whether it’s only to a park or the vet, remember to brush them to remove any loose hair. This will significantly decrease shedding in your car’s furniture, carpet, and seats. Additionally, make sure to be aware of the regulations for leaving dogs in vehicles when out with your furry friend.

2. Buy a seat cover to protect the seats

Using a nonslip car seat cover is a useful method to keep your car hair-free when transporting your dog by car. You can also use a dog hammock, which is a comfortable and safe option for your dog to sit on and sits at the front seats, while at the same time folding up when required. Always take care to secure your dog when travelling by car.

3. Keep your dog contained in a crate or carrier to protect the car surfaces from hair

A crate or carrier is not only a secure and safe option for your dog when travelling, but it also aids in keeping dog hair away from upholstered surfaces. While it may not guarantee that your car is 100% free of dog hair, it will noticeably help. Enjoy cleaning your car! If you have additional suggestions for removing dog hair from the car, please leave a comment.


With these tips and tricks, you can easily keep your car seats free of dog hair. Regular pet grooming and cleaning can go a long way in preventing a buildup of hair in your car, but accidents happen. When they do, pull out the vacuum or use a lint roller to quickly wipe away any mess. With these simple solutions, you and your furry friend can continue to enjoy car rides together with a clean and hair-free interior.