Amazon Car Seat Trade-in 2023 Dates and Details

Car Seat Trade In

Amazon has always been a customer-centric company, one of the evidence is their initiative program car seat trade-in. The Amazon car seat trade-in 2022 and 2021 allows customers to trade in used car seats in exchange for Amazon gift cards. The program has gained immense popularity, and Amazon has recently announced the dates and details for the 2023 edition of the trade in program.

Amazon Car Seat Trade-In 2022

Amazon car seat trade-in is a program where customers can trade their used car seats for a discount on the purchase of a new one. The program accepts all brands of car seats, as long as they are not expired or damaged. Once the trade-in is completed, Amazon will send a customer an email with a discount code that can be used towards their next car seat purchase on Amazon. The goal of the program is to promote sustainability by keeping old car seats out of landfills and encouraging customers to replace their old seats with new, safer models.

Based on the previous years, Amazon typically holds a car seat trade-in event once or twice a year. The promotion is usually announced a few weeks before it starts, and the dates can vary by region. The last car seat trade-in event in the US was held in September 2021, Amazon does not offer a car seat trade-in in 2022.

Importance of participating in the program

Participating in the Amazon Car Seat Trade-in is important for various reasons.

  1. Firstly, car seats have an expiration date and can become less effective over time, leading to a higher risk of injury in the event of an accident. By trading in old car seats, you can ensure that your child is protected while on the road.
  2. Secondly, the program promotes environmental sustainability by reducing the amount of waste generated by old and damaged car seats.

Brief history of the previous trade in events

Amazon has been running the Car Seat Trade-in Program annually since 2017, and every year the program has grown in popularity.

In 2019, the program resulted in the recycling of 1 million car seats. In 2020, despite the pandemic, the program continued and resulted in the recycling of over 800,000 car seats and boosters across the United States.

Amazon Car Seat Trade-in 2023

Dates of this program

The Amazon Car Seat Trade In typically runs in September, and it is expected that the program will happen around the same time in 2023. However, the official dates have not yet been announced by Amazon.

Program details and rules

  • The Amazon Car Seat Trade-in typically requires that customers have Amazon Prime membership to participate in the program.
  • Customers can trade in any brand of car seat that meets the eligibility requirements for recycling.
  • The traded old car seat must be undamaged, and the manufacturer label must be present.
  • In exchange, the customer will receive a 20% discount code to be used towards any purchase of a new car seat or booster seat on Amazon.

Eligible car seats for trade in

The Amazon Car Seat Trade In accepts all car seats and boosters as long as they are in working condition and meet the eligibility requirements. However, only one car seat trade-in discount code can be applied per new qualifying car seat purchased.

The discount code is only valid for select car seats and booster seats sold by!

How to participate in the Amazon trade in event?

To participate in the Amazon Car Seat Trade in, customers need to follow a few steps.

  1. Firstly, they need to make sure that they have an Amazon Prime membership.
  2. Next, they need to register for the program and follow Amazon’s instructions on how to prepare the old car seat for trading in.
  3. Once the car seat is ready for trade-in, the customer can visit an appropriate page or follow the instructions on how to redeem the 20% discount code towards the purchase of a new car seat or booster seat on Amazon.

Amazon Car Seat Trade-in

Benefits of the Amazon Car Seat Trade-In

Environmental impact

This program aims to reduce waste by encouraging parents to exchange old car seats for a new one at a discounted price. Amazon has partnered with Greener Steps, which allows the parts of the old car seats to be recycled or repurposed. The program reduces the amount of plastic, foam, and metal waste that ends up in landfills each year.

Savings on new car seats

Buying a new car seat is expensive, and it’s even harder on the budget when you need to replace it regularly. By participating in the Amazon Car Seat Trade In, parents can receive a discount towards a new car seat. The discount varies depending on the brand and type of car seat, but it is usually between 10% and 20%.

Safety aspects for children

One of the most important benefits of the Amazon Car Seat Trade-In 2023 is the safety aspect for children. Old or damaged car seats can compromise a child’s safety in the event of an accident. By ensuring that your car seats are in good condition or replacing them with a new one, you are protecting your children while on the road.

How to Prepare for the Amazon Car Seat Trade-in 2023?

Check the safety of your current car seat

Before trading in your current car seat, make sure that it is not expired or recalled. Check the expiration date on the seat’s label and verify if there are any recalls for the brand and model of your car seat. If your car seat is expired or recalled, dispose of it properly and choose a new one.

Research and choose a new car seat

The Amazon Car Seat Trade In accepts a wide range of brands and models. However, it’s essential to pick a car seat that fits your child’s age, weight, and height requirements. Do a bit of research on the best car seats for your child’s stage, check the reviews, and select a brand that offers the features you need.

Set aside a budget for the upcoming event

To take advantage of the Amazon Car Seat Trade In 2023, set aside a budget for the event. Keep track of the discount offered and the cost of your chosen car seat to ensure that you are getting a good deal.

The Added Information

Final reminders for the car seat trade in participants

Before participating in the program, familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions. Ensure that the car seat you are trading in is eligible for the program and that you have an Amazon account. During the trade-in process, be patient, and follow the instructions provided carefully.

What are other popular car seats trade in events?

Apart from the Amazon Car Seat Trade In, there are other popular car seat trade-in programs available. Target and Walmart have their trade-in programs that offer discounts on new car seats. Simply visit their website, select the eligible car seat you want to trade in, and you’ll receive a discount on your new car seat purchase.

In conclusion, participating in a car seat trade-in event not only benefits parents but also contributes to environmental protection. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. So, prepare for the Amazon Car Seat Trade-In 2023 and experience the benefits for yourself.

Amazon Car Seat Trade-in


The Amazon Car Seat Trade in is an excellent initiative aimed at encouraging responsible disposal of used car seats and ensuring the safety of children. The program has been a huge success in the past, and the 2023 edition is expected to follow suit. With the trade-in program, customers can not only get rid of their old car seats, but also get some money in return that they can use to buy something new for their little ones.